The home of the heart,

in the far north

There are places in this world where you could never return.


Among these are Kiska and Attu islands, which are part of the Aleutian chain in the North Pacific Ocean. Covered by dense fog almost all year round, these two islands were the only American territory occupied by Japan during World War II. Although more than 6000 people lost their lives there, not many know about this battlefront. It is the “Forgotten War.”
To make this “Forgotten War” unforgettable, this film follows the path of this conflict to find the untold story and shine a light on the personal stories of individuals whose lives changed forever.


Director – Tadashi Ogawa



Director and Writer – Tadashi Ogawa

Producer – Akihiro Hirano 
Director of Photography – Ikemura Taiki

Music – Tact NOCA 

Title Designer – Katsumi Komagata

Associate Producer – Toshiko Hoshino 

Promotion – Yoshiharu Tsukuda

Narrator – Patrick Harlan




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